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Elearah Chronicles

I´m here to have fun, to express myself, to talk about books. I write fiction and non fiction with one purpose in mind:to understand the world around us. Sometimes we can do it by being very close, sometimes we need to go out there.

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Into the Darkness - Guy Bailey, Simone Beaudelaire, L.M. Boelz, Sandra Martinez

Wow. I´m impressed. :D


I want to thank the second follower, and talk about one of my books. It is called Into the darkness. It is a book we wrote with other authors for Halloween. The proceedings are donated entirely to a non profit organization that digs wells in different places with no access to water, where  people endure very harsh lives.   


Linn´s is the darkest one, very well done. 

Simone´s is paranormal romance, based on the couple of another of her books

Guy writes suspense usually. This one starts dark and then it gets really lighthearted. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Mine was... an experiment. A short romance based on change of bodies, but this time between two incarnations of the same person.


We were going to do another one for Valentines, now I will pass. Some things came up, and I think it is better for them to go without me.