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The Clayton Chronicles: Horror Tales of the Undead Review

When a friend recommended me The Clayton Chronicles I didn't expect to like them much--I don't do horror gracefully, but I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It is not horror. The tone is detective/comedy with a twist of action sparkled with gore-ash here and there.

The characters are lovable, even when the author acts as if he didn't like them at times. I found myself rooting for Clay and Sherwin and wondering what the old vampire would come up with next.

Clayton Harris is the chief of police of Nosfort, a small town near Boston, and he is a true believer in vampires and werewolves. So when a boy shows him a cadaver in a ditch with two punctures in the neck, he knows there will be trouble. Here lies the main twist of the stories--as usually in movies cops are the last ones to act when it comes to vampires due to their inability to cope with the concept.

Pros: fun story to follow along, great characters, lots of references to local/time window culture (it is setup in the 70s), interesting writing tone--I will certainly be looking for more of this author's stories. I already read Xaman, and it was awesome.

Cons: I wished at times he liked his characters more. He calls Clayton crazy many times. There is one phrase that could be really thought provoking if it were not for that. This one:

"Man, I've seen karma at work, Clayton crazily thought. And it's flipping burgers at the nearest MacDonalds."

If it said "philosophically" instead of "crazily", and capitalize karma, it could be a quote to remember.

Inconsistencies: The book is well tied up, only found very few inconsistencies that didn't leave a marked impression. There was a newly turned vampire with his organs removed in the morgue who later on spilled his intestines on the floor--I might have mixed up things myself on this one. A drawer slammed softly. And I think that was it for the first story. I didn't notice any in the second one.

Grammar/typos: Didn't find anything that jumped at me. Well done.


All in all this is a well rounded set of two stories, and a fun read. Recommended.


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Into the Darkness - Guy Bailey, Simone Beaudelaire, L.M. Boelz, Sandra Martinez

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I want to thank the second follower, and talk about one of my books. It is called Into the darkness. It is a book we wrote with other authors for Halloween. The proceedings are donated entirely to a non profit organization that digs wells in different places with no access to water, where  people endure very harsh lives.   


Linn´s is the darkest one, very well done. 

Simone´s is paranormal romance, based on the couple of another of her books

Guy writes suspense usually. This one starts dark and then it gets really lighthearted. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Mine was... an experiment. A short romance based on change of bodies, but this time between two incarnations of the same person.


We were going to do another one for Valentines, now I will pass. Some things came up, and I think it is better for them to go without me.






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